Arroz Marinero.
Delicious mix of stir-fried rice with shrimp, octopus, calamari and vegetables. Simply delicious.

Aguachile de Camarón ó Pulpo.
A classic from the North Pacific coast of Mexico. Fresh raw shrimp or octopus marinated in lime juice, with red onions and cucumbers.

Ensalada de Camarón.
Tender shrimp tossed with peas and shredded celery in a creamy tangy sauce. Served with fresh orange slices.

Ceviche Mitotero.
A combination of cooked and raw shrimp, octopus, red onions, tomato and cucumbers in our delicious black sauce. 

Rockefeller (Camarones u Ostiones).
Choose from a half or full dozen of shrimp or oysters with a mix of spinach, cream, and cheese. Finger licking good! 

Piña Palenque. 
Cooked shrimp, octopus, fish ceviche and tuna with cucumbers, red onions, and tomato served inside a freshly cut pineapple.

Camarones Roca. 
Battered shrimp with a spicy sauce served with lettuce inside a cocktail glass.

Chicharrón de Pulpo. 
Stir-fried battered octopus paired with our delicious special sauce. 

Queso Fundido con Pulpo a las Brasas.
Sizzling skillet filled with melted Muenster cheese and grilled octopus. 

Chicharrón de Pescado.
Stir-fried battered fish. 

Calamar Frito. 
Fried Calamari served with our house salsa and lime.​

Botana Empanizada.
Camarón Roca, breaded shrimp and octopus chicharrón, fish chicharrón, and fried calamari. Served with french fries. 

Plato de Ceviche de Pescado ó de Camarón.  Fish or shrimp ceviche, marinated in lime juice with tomato, onion, cucumbers, cilantro and avocado. 

Atropellado de Marlin ó de Camarón. 
Shredded stew prepared with our special Mexican recipe. Served with panela cheese and de la olla beans.


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