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Shrimp, octopus snacks, fresh oyster, shrimp maleficio with octopus.

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Order of 4 Tacos.

     If you would like a dish that isn’t on our menu, please inform your waiter. If we have the ingredients, we will gladly make it for you.

Tacos de Marlin a las Brasas.

Charbroiled tacos filled with marlin1 and cheese.


A must try, buttered corn tortilla filled with ranchero shrimp with diced anaheim peppers, onions and cheese. 

Gober “Picoso”.

Same as Gober with a hot and spicy sauce. 

Tacos de Camarones Roca.

Battered shrimp mixed with shredded cabbage in our special chipotle sauce and served on fresh handmade corn tortillas. 


Chicharrón octopus, chicharrón fish, breaded tilapia, breaded shrimp, and charbroiled shrimp.

• For Two • For Three • For Four  

Pastor de Pescado.

Fish marinated in our delicious pastor chipotle sauce and charbroiled to perfection. 

Tacos Norteños de Pulpo.

Chopped octopus mixed with tomato, onion and spices.

Pescado Capeado Estilo Baja.

Delicious chunks of fish lightly floured topped with shredded cabbage and chipotle sauce. 

Tacos de Atropellado de Marlin ó de Camarón.

Mouth watering with a hint of spiciness, these shredded marlin or shrimp stew tacos made with our special recipe is a must try.